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Stress Engineering Services’ product design, failure analysis and testing experience in the outdoor category extends back to the mid-1970s.  However, it wasn’t until 2009 did this work start to coalesce into a focused business category.  Following the aggressive growth in the category, in 2014 Stress elevated this segment of business to a commercial “practice” with the formation of Stress Outdoor®, a division of Stress Engineering Services.   Initially supported by a staff of about 45 engineers and industrial design professionals, most all with advanced degrees, Stress Outdoor® can also leverage the skills of about an additional 200 engineers housed in other offices in the US, Canada and Singapore.  Our engineering staff has access to 166,000 square feet of in-house laboratory space, enabling us to provide our clients with product development and project improvements support from concept innovation to product evaluation.

Stress Outdoor Facility

Stress Outdoor® is focused on helping clients that design, manufacture and sell products to the outdoor industry accelerate innovation, improve quality, enhance performance and increase safety. Stress Outdoor® begins the innovation process by creating product concepts that are driven by consumer insights and evolve into designs verified by consumers and users.  Through the application of advanced engineering mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, analysis and testing technologies, Stress Outdoor® engineers the designs in a way that can reduce new product development cost and schedule.  World class engineering talent and experience at Stress Outdoor® provides the ability to value-engineer current products to reduce cost, eliminate trial-and-error rework, reduce failures and warranty claims, and enable product innovation that was otherwise not possible.

Stress Outdoor Symbol
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