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Stress Outdoor® is focused on supporting innovation and product improvement related to design, engineering and testing of treestand safety and performance.

Safety is of the highest concern to treestand manufacturers. In support

of the treestand manufacturing industry, Stress Outdoor® has created a focused effort to bring an unsurpassed level of engineering experience and capability to the design and testing challenges faced by this industry. As experts in structural design, stress analysis, instrumentation, testing, structural data analysis, metallurgy and polymer science, Stress Outdoor® has the ability to more accurately than ever before quantify life-limiting aspects of treestand performance imparted by static, dynamic and fatigue loads in isolation or in combination. Stress Outdoor® can include in its performance analysis and testing programs environmentally-related degradation mechanisms of straps and corrosion of aluminum and steel to form a more complete representation or real world results and their impact on stand safety and performance.


Our Treestand Test Practice is now ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited. The test methods listed here have been added to SES's current ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certificate. SES received their first ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certificate in September of 2017 for several polymer science test methods.

  • F2120

  • F2121

  • F2122

  • F2123

  • F2124

  • F2125

  • F2126

  • F2128

  • F2275

  • F2337

  • F2531

Standard Practice for Testing Treestand Load Capacity

Standard Practice for Treestand Labels

Standard Practice for Treestand Safety Devices

Standard Practice for Treestand Instructions

Standard Practice for Testing Treestand Ladder, Tripod Stands, and Climbing Stick Load Capacity

Standard Test Method for Treestand Static Stability and Adherence

Standard Test Method for Treestand Static Load Capacity

Standard Test Method for Treestand Repetitive Loading Capability

Standard Practice for Treestand Manufactureer Quality Assurance Program

Standard Test Method for Treestand Fall Arrest System

Standard Test Method for Load Capacity of Treestand Seats


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