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The scope of Stress Outdoor® off-road engineering services has evolved

dramatically over the years.

As the business expanded, so did the Stress Outdoor® definition of “off-road.” Taking advantage of our very broad and deep foundation of engineering and testing experience in the ATV market, Stress Outdoor® focused attention to the needs of the turf market, specifically, Zero-Turn Radius (ZTR) mower development. Our strategy zeroed in on the key development needs of mower deck development and mower life. Stress Outdoor® developed a number of tools for manufactures in that industry including mower deck

flow dynamics, on-board machine performance instrumentation and data acquisition systems, and a low speed dynamometer to quantify power system performance.

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Mower Graph

Leveraging the expanding foundation in off-road vehicle engineering and testing, Stress Outdoor® has continued to expand services to other interesting off-road applications such as:

  • specialized cranes (Pitmann crane)

  • international vehicle testing support

  • light rail life extension services applications to several major US cities

  • freight and passenger rail for the federal government.

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