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Stress Outdoor Force Measurements
Felt Recoil & Other Forces

The combinations of axial and torsional forces working in concert imparted to a shooter during the shot more commonly described as “felt recoil” have been subject to much discussion and opinion by many. Depending on a rifle’s design and configuration, varying amounts of lift of the barrel, twist of the gun and force into the shoulder may be experienced.  Other forces related to the shooting experience such as the engagement and disengagement of a bolt, the forces required to activate a trigger, the insertion force required to engage a magazine, the forces required to release a magazine to name a few, are of importance to the shooting experience as well.

The physics based approach that Stress Outdoor® follows recognizes that these forces can

be measured, quantified and

used as inputs to the design

process.  With more than 45 years of advanced testing

experience, Stress Outdoor®

has a rich history of measuring

the forces on almost anything to

deliver data required to

understand what is actually

occurring and what needs to change.     

Rifle Recoil



Force Measurements
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