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Stress Outdoor Force Measurements

Stress Outdoor® offers review and test services for treestands, tripods, towers, accessories, and fall-arrest-systems. All reviews and tests are compliant with the applicable ASTM standard practices and test methods. From shakedown testing of prototype designs to final qualification testing, Stress Outdoor® is uniquely positioned to fulfill your testing and engineering design needs.

Stress Outdoor® is a leader in both standardized and custom full-scale testing in force, load, fatigue, temperature, pressure, torque, noise, and vibration. With more than 166,000 square feet of laboratory space and a large inventory of advanced testing equipment, we can simulate a wide range of operational conditions for a variety of applications and materials.

  • F2120   Standard Practice for Testing Treestand Load Capacity

  • F2121    Standard Practice for Treestand Labels

  • F2122    Standard Practice for Treestand Safety Devices

  • F2123    Standard Practice for Treestand Instructions

  • F2124    Standard Practice for Testing Treestand Ladder, Tripod Stands, and Climbing Stick Load Capacity

  • F2125    Standard Test Method for Treestand Static Stability and Adherence

  • F2126    Standard Test Method for Treestand Static Load Capacity

  • F2128    Standard Test Method for Treestand Repetitive Loading Capability

  • F2275    Standard Practice for Treestand Manufactureer Quality Assurance Program

  • F2337    Standard Test Method for Treestand Fall Arrest System

  • F2531    Standard Test Method for Load Capacity of Treestand Seats



Force Measurements
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