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Stress Outdoor Noise Reduction

Noise produced by a vertical bow, cross bow, air gun or hunting clothing is of significant interest to a hunter. However, until now there has been no engineering resource with the test lab capabilities needed to characterize and dissect the contribution of a vibrating limb, riser, arrow rest or string in bow; the noise characteristics of an air gun; or the sliding of fabric against itself, another fabric, or accessory to the audible noise signature they produce. Stress Outdoor® developed and constructed a noise and vibration testing facility to help manufacturers quantify the frequency and magnitude of the noise produced by hunting products.

Sound Proof Room
Sound Room

The insights gained from this testing and engineering analysis help

manufacturers quantify how much noise is produced by their products and enables manufacturers of bows, soft goods, air guns, arrows or other accessories to evaluate their products relative to others and provide objective measures to create benchmark comparisons to competitive products and aid in the development of new products. Ultimately, this knowledge fuels the innovation process to create quieter products.



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