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Stress Outdoor Aerodynamics
Stress Outdoor Arrow Shot
Stress Outdoor Arrow

This method is superior to observational methods used with high speed cameras which may not highlight the causal factors behind a particular response. The predictive methods used by Stress Outdoor® allow for the engineering team to make known adjustments to designs or materials and to immediately understand the causal response in performance. New designs can be investigated and improved without total dependence on costly and time consuming trial and error prototype experimentation.


All of the Stress Outdoor® services leverage our expertise in polymer science, adhesives development and composites.




Arrows, bolts, broadheads and fletching are the other major pieces needed to complete the archery puzzle. Stress Outdoor® supports the design and performance improvement of these products. Predictive physics-based analysis methods have been developed to predict aerodynamic attributes of arrows in flight that govern their speed and accuracy. Predictive engineering methods have been applied to the modeling of mechanical broadheads, making it possible for product designers to simulate and evaluate deployment-on-contact performance without having to rely solely on the inspection of CAD models and prototyping to overcome the challenges of deployment.

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