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Stress Outdoor Manufacturing

Stress Outdoor® leverages the Supply Chain Services organization of its parent company, Stress Engineering Services, to help clients optimize all aspects of value delivery. Whether the need is specific within a certain aspect of the supply chain or your company would benefit from a full review of its processes, our supply chain expertise will save you time and money. SES Supply Chain Services can develop your full suite of supply chain functionality, or be a “force multiplier” to your project by supplementing your existing staff with our experience and expertise.

SES Supply Chain Services is fully integrated in all aspects of the Stress Outdoor® product development services. Beginning at the earliest stages of development, Stress Outdoor® will help address your procurement and manufacturing needs seamlessly as you develop products and go to market.

SES Supply Chain Services is ready to help you with any aspect of your supply chain requirements. Our supply chain diagnostics follow the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model, allowing us to help you zero in on the right priorities and focus your efforts. We utilize detailed financial and process modeling tools and techniques to quantify your opportunities and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Our connections with a network of global manufacturing and logistics partners give us the ability to bring solutions quickly and cost effectively.



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