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Stress Outdoor® supports the development and optimization of firearm designs and their accompanying accessories. Firearm development depends on a deep understanding of the materials, the mechanics and the computational fluid dynamic combinations that interact through a firing sequence. Stress Outdoor® has the ability to analyze these attributes in both isolation and in combination under varying environmental conditions.  This predictive approach is supported by correlating with material specimen testing to validate performance models and drive to a solution with a level of confidence. Iterations to find solutions are done via predictive computational methods in contrast to the physical build-test-break approach.

Stress Pistol Compact
Stress Pistol Compact 2

The problem of trial-and-error or build-and-break product development and

improvement is that it can wander through the product development woods with no clear schedule for completion or what the performance will be when you arrive at a design that seems to be "good enough.” Stress Outdoor® uses advanced engineering methods to eliminate trial and error/build and break development! Through the fully integrated expert application of tools, like implicit and explicit dynamics finite element technology, computational fluid and gas dynamics, first principles mathematical modeling, metallurgical analysis, polymer and material sciences, statistical reliability analysis, design of experiments, custom test sensor development and high speed data acquisition, Stress Outdoor® is able to learn and document how and why the design concept of an existing device functions as it does. The knowledge and insights this offers firearms designers enables them to chart a course to meet their performance requirements while optimizing the cost of the firearm and development process.



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